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The festival of Dussehra indicates the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness as signified by the conquest of the evil Ravan by Lord Rama. Celebrated all over India with gusto, the festival is held in the Hindu month of Ashvin that is generally September or October.

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Rajasthan is known for its princely kingdom and royal culture.Although including small and big there are over all more than 650 Forts in Rajasthan. In the ancient times Kings used to Live in Palaces high over the hill top and near by villages were given to the the Royal Member's of King's Court.They used to make small Forts their which were used to represent the ownership of the Existing King and his domain.

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If you are not happy while your travel.Just let us know and we will share the best with you and will try to guide you for the Best.It may be anything like food, Hotel, Shopping, Part and any thing you wish.You wish we fulfill.

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