Take a close look at the durbar miniatures; you will find the king seated at the head of a meetings, surrounded, in order, by his nobles. In another miniature, you will see a nobleman watching a performance by nautch girls. In yet others, you will see heads of state discussing events. There might be some where an aristocrat is in meeting with a religious personage. These are all instances from the past, of the awareness of the importance of meetings and discussions, of the atmosphere in which such meetings need to be conducted, and of the proper hierarchy and discipline in which they happen.

No wonder today, at the end of a millennium, and the start of a new one, Rajasthan is able to take its rightful place as a convention centre par excellence.

Not only are there meetings place in the state, the added attractions is that there are also sightseeing possibilities, lavish entertainment and food, and a fitting manner in which everything can be accomplished. Whether annual general meetings or seminars, academic discussions or sales meets, there is a place for everything and everyone in Rajasthan.

Consider the communications links: Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur are connected by air; while all other important destinations are also connected by convenient rail and road connections. A tourist infrastructure is able to provide everything from ceremonial welcome to cars, buses and other forms of transportation between the venue and the hotels. The hotels are large and more than luxurious, several being unique and unmatched for their facilities elsewhere in the world. Trained chefs can serve up a sumptuous feast, and can also provide gourmet meals from the continent. As for the hospitality and entertainment: after-hours are rarely as delightful elsewhere.

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