Bhilwara is an important district of Rajasthan famous for its minerals and textiles. The district derives its name from a special section of the society known as Bhills. In old days the area was mostly inhabited by these people. Bhilwara is an industrial town. It is famous country wide for the textiles industry and hence known as "Textile City of Rajasthan".

Bhilwara, synonymous with industries like cloth mills and stone quarries, is the headquarter of a small district of the same name in southern Rajasthan. Getting to know Bhilwara by its industries is not very unusual, as the town was developed mainly as a large-scale industrial town. After having been ravished by many invaders over the centuries, the British offered to turn it into a successful mart in the 19th century. So Bhilwara itself is not very attractive and might not figure in the mainstream tourist itinerary, especially when it is surrounded by a host of more glamourous destinations like Chittaurgarh (54km), Rajsamand (87km) and Udaipur (151km).

Getting there

  • Location:

    Mewar Region
  • Altitude:

    421 mts.
  • Population:

    10,455 sq. Km.
  • Roadways:

    RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation) buses connects Bhilwara to major cities like Jaipur,Delhi, Agra and within Rajasthan.
  • Travel Informations

    • Best time to visit :

      October to March
    • Languages Spoken :

      Rajasthani. Hindi, English
    • Major attractions :

      Bijoliya town,Mandalgarh,Pur

    Places to visit

    Bijoliya town


    Bijoliya town (or ancient Vindhyavali) is a walled city with two gates perched on Uparmal plateau. It has three 10th century Saiviite temples, Mandakini Baori stepwell and Jain temples built by Mahajan Lala in 12th century. The medieval remains of the palace and two 12th century rock inscriptions are worth seeing. Shahpura town is an early 19th century pilgrim spot of the Ram Snehi sect. The annual five-day \'Phool dol ka mela' is held here in March-April.


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    Mandalgarh was the scene of many a fierce battle during the medieval times. An old fort with low rampart walls and bastions, and two temples, the 17th century Jaleshwar temple and a Shiva temple are the lone survivors of the period.



    Pur is a famous pilgrim spot and rich in medieval architecture. Some of the monuments are Udan Chatri, Adhar Shila, and Patola Mahadev.

    Asind town


    At Asind town visit the beautiful temples built by Sawai Bhoj on the banks of River Khari. Badnore Fort, 70km from Bhilwara is another heritage site worth visiting.

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