Badalgarh Fort


Jhunjhunu District,Rajasthan.

Built In:

17th Century


Historical Monument.

Major Attraction:

Strongs Walls and Mughal architecture.

Best Time to Visit:

August to April.

Must See:

Jhunjhunu is a must visit place during your visit to the place.

Major Attraction:

City view from Hill Top is breath taking.

Looking at Badalgarh protected within high walls and perched a top and a rocky hill, you will easily count it as among the most impressive forts of Shekhawati.

It was built by Nawab Fazl Khan at the close of the 17th century, but not as a fort but as a stable! Well, horses and camels were precious for the kings those days, for they didn't have F-18s or Stealth Bombers.

And it was only fair that these animals have a place to stay befitting their status. Naturally, Badalgarh does not enclose those grand baradaris (pavilions) or sheesh mahals (mirror palaces) that you would find in the Amber Fort Palace or the Jaisalmer Fort, but it's an interesting site to explore anyway.

The views from the walls of Badalgarh are especially good. There are also three makbaras (tombs) of the Kaimkhani nawabs in Jhunjhunu. To the east of the town is the Tomb of Nawab Samas Khan (reigned 1605-1627), and to the west is the Tomb of Bhawan Khan built by Rohella Khan. The Tomb of Rohella Khan is like a solid block topped by a dome.

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