Most of the royal sports of the earlier years are today, the means of relaxation and leisure that are very exotic and varied. The land of Rajasthan may appear, at first sight, unexciting from the point of view of sports, but under the rule of the Maharajas, the skillful outdoor activities were encouraged. Rajputs, the skilled warriors and horsemen were able to refine their riding skills when it came to competitive sports, creating one of the finest polo teams in the world. The villagers too participated in the camel and cattle races, turban-tying competition and racing horse carriages and carts. If polo was nurtured in Rajasthan, safaris and safari camps were an essential part of their defence strategy. Later, the golf was also introduced with the coming of the British. In more recent years, outdoor lovers have found the open countryside with its undulating dunes ideal for more exciting outdoor sports like ballooning or gliding, and various other leisure activities like rallies and desert safaris. Various water-related sports are also being organized in the extensive water bodies in Rajasthan.

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